Thames Sailing Barge Parade

returns September 16-17, 2017 — fully confirmed.

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More About The Parade

Parade Schedule

The times listed in this schedule are approximate for now until we get nearer the date, we hope to have solid confirmations 8-12 weeks before.

If you wish to be notified by email, please fill in the parade information contact form below the schedule.

West India Dock Attractions

Listed are a great number of the attraction that will be at West Indi Dock for the Popup Museum.

If you wish to be an attraction atWest India Dock, please get in touch with Jane Harman through her online contact form - Contact Jane Harman or use jane[-at-]

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The Next Parade — 2017 September 16th-17th (Story So Far)

Thames Sailing Barge Foundation (TSBF) can now reveal that the 2017 TSBP event is fully confirmed and will happen on 16th September for the Parade and 17th September for the Popup Museum.

The Parade will be at:
Tower Bridge, Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 2AA
River Thames, City of London, Upper Pool.

The Popup Museum will be at:
West India Dock, South Quay Station on the DLR line.
Address: Thames Quay, Marsh Wall, London, E14 9SG

Full scheduling can be found here and will be brought up-to-date as we progress nearer to the day.

Although the event is now fully confirmed, it is underwritten by an interest free loan agreement that has to be repaid. It is therefore imperative that we still pursue and secure funding for the event.

If you or your company are interested in marketing opportunities to reach a nationwide audience, then TSBP can help you achieve that through sponsorship. You'll be visible in the center of London to great spectating crowds and audiences across all media networks including television, radio, magazines, newsprint and online, please contact Jane Harman by email: jane[_at_] or by telephone on 07803230258 for more specific details of what can be offered to you.

The Thames Sailing barge Community desperately need this event to happen to show the powers that be their cohesiveness and willingness to be open to the public, so that they can at last gain true heritage status as a great British iconic vessel of the Industrial age and beyond.
We will bring you news of progress, but really would like your support in the meantime.

As a non-profit organisation donations along the way are so important, so please donate what you can, if you can, but if you can't, encourage a friend to support us and tell them why they should by pointing them here: WHY YOU SHOULD DONATE.

Thank you all.

Jonathan, Jane & Gary


Thames Sailing Barge Parade is offering sponsorship for you to take advantage of a unique marketing opportunity.

Be visible in the center of London to great spectating crowds and audiences nationwide across all media networks including television, radio, magazines, newsprint and online, please contact jane Harman by email: jane[_at_] or by telephone on 07803230258 for more specific details of what can be offered to you.

TSBP Poster 2017

All media outlets and individuals can use this poster to promote Thames Sailing Barge Parade 2017.
Use the following link or the title link to download a PDF of this poster or click the poster image itself:
TSBP Poster 2017

TSBP Poster 2017

ADIEU - Thames Sailing Barge

ADIEU of Harwich, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' - plain light blue)

Official No.161035. Tons: 79. Built steel at Mistley 1929 for M.F.Horlock & Co.Ltd. Latterly working in the ballast trade, she was converted 1990 for use as a restaurant / club. Now a private yacht owned by Iolo Brooks based in St.Katharines Yacht Haven.
ADIEU's Website


ALICE - Thames Sailing Barge

ALICE of Rochester, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' in - blue G on yellow ground)

Official No.UNKNOWN. Tons: 57. Built of steel at Wivenhoe 1954 by J.W. Cook for Hubbocks as a swim headed lighter. Owned by Wrightson & Sons Ltd. Converted in 1997 by Owen Emerson and registered under S.S.R.No.68024. Sold 2002 to Sean Jacobs . Sold 2005 to Alan Gick(Alice 4 Charters). Based Portsmouth.
ALICE's Website


ARCTIC - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.108277. Tons: ?. built 1897 at Greenwich by J. Rennie for Harry Keep of London. 68 Reg Tons, Dims: 78.6 X 19.1 X 4.8ft. topsail barge of steel construction. Sold by Keep to London and Rochester Barge Company. She was converted in 1907, using a Dann engine, to the first full power barge on the Thames and Medway. She was almost completely derigged except for a small mizzen sail to comply with the then current Board of Trade regulations. In 1913 the sails were removed and the Dann engine was replaced with an unknown 76 h.p. unit Worked as a motor barge from 1908 to 1963 before being converted to a house barge, moored at Allington. Moored at Fulham 1988 to 2001. Refurbished 2008/9 at Brentford & moved to Bembridge I.O.W.
ARCTIC's Website

ARCTIC The image we had here until April 30th 2016 was mistakenly of Resourceful.
We are trying to source a true image of Arctic.
This was pointed out by the Chairman of The Society for Sailing Barge Research (S.S.B.R), Richard Walsh.
S.S.B.R. have been researching, preserving and sharing sailing barge heritage for over 50 years.
S.S.B.R. can be found at:

ARDWINA - Thames Sailing Barge

ARDWINA of London, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' has - Red 'A' & Navigational dividers on 3 blue horizontal bands on white ground). Has "Rolfe Judd"in topsail.

Official No.129016. Tons: 66. Built of wood at Ipswich in 1909 by W.H. Orvis. 85. x 21.1 x 6.4, for E.J. & W.Goldsmith of Grays, Other owners: sold 1938 to Metcalf Ltd. London. 1941 Ocean Salvage, Gravesend. 1942 T.J.Metcalf , Gravesend. 1950 Daniels Bros & L. Vandersyde of Whitstable. 1950 Daniels Bros & M. Blyth. 1959 as a yacht Brian Herve. 1961 G.Newman of Maldon. 1966 J.Hunt & R. Hogben. 1971 J. Hunt. early 70's Porter. c'1980 Rolfe Judd Practice (Ardwina Ltd.) Rebuilt 1982. Last barge built at Ipswich. Based St.Katharines Yacht Haven.
ARDWINA 's Website


ATRATO - Thames Sailing Barge

ATRATO of London, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - 2 lemon diamonds on black ground)

Official No.110037. Tons: 63. Built of steel by Forrestt of Wivenhoe in 1898 84.4 x 18.6 x 6, rebuilt 1945 by Pollocks. Owned by Hughes and L.R.B.C. Converted to motorbarge and sold out of trade, Owned since 1985 by Rupert Ashmore based Battersea.
ATRATO's Website


BERIC - Thames Sailing Barge

BERIC of Harwich, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - dark blue & white halves with white P in green disc on white half)

Official No.105421. Tons: 63. Built of wood at Harwich in 1896 by Cann. Owners, Cranfield Brothers Ltd ended working life as motorbarge between Tilbury Grain Terminal and Rochford Mills in 1977, Bought 1978 by Stan Cresswell and Roy Woods and rerigged at Ipswich. Used by Steven Young for receptions in Millwall Dock sold 1999 and moved to Newcastle. Returned to Maldon 2003 owned by Ray & Ben Payne. Based St.Katharines Yacht Haven. For Sale 2010.
BERIC's Website


BETULA - Thames Sailing Barge

BETULA of Ipswich, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' -plain red )

Official No.SSR No 87565. Tons: ?. Ex Maartelaasgracht built of steel by Gideon of Groningen, Holland in 1924 as motor sailing bulk cement carrier. Counter stern replaced 1997 by owner skipper Eddie Smith, now 77’5”x17’8” based Pin Mill. For Sale 2010.
BETULA's Website


CABBY - Thames Sailing Barge

CABBY of Rochester, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' - plain white C on plain red ground. ) Dark grey lower hull with black wale.

Official No.160687. Tons: 76. The last full size barge built of wood at Rochester in 1928 by Gill for London & Rochester Barge Company. Aux. Kelvin 66 fitted, worked as motorbarge with grain, animal feeds and other bulk cargoes, before rerigging 1970 as Company charter barge to replace Sirdar. Owners became part of Hays plc, and sold 2002 to Andrea Grieg, Marine Events Management Ltd, sold 2006 to Gary Zimmerman. 2007 owned Charles McLaren. Charter barge thro Sailing Barge Cabby Ltd, based Maldon. (Mizzen sail had Web Address in 2009.)
CABBY's Website


CAMBRIA - Thames Sailing Barge

CAMBRIA of London, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' has four colours in triangular quarters, red blue, green and white.)

Official No.120676. Tons: 79. Built of wood at Greenhithe by Wm. Eberhardt in 1906 Had wheelhouse & was mulie rigged. Last sailing barge trading under sail. Owned by Cambria Trust from 1996. Moved from Dolphin Yard Museum , Sittingbourne to Sheerness Docks in lighter 2006. Moved to Faversham for restoration 2007.Completed 2011.
CAMBRIA's Website
Cambria's Video - Bob Roberts
Cambria's Video - Shortly After Restoration


CELTIC - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.118314. Tons: ?. Built 1903 at Papendrecht, Holland by J.Kievets & Van Reede for E.J. & W Goldsmith of Grays, 120 Reg Tons, Dims: 90.0 X 23.2 X 9.0 ft. Steel Connstruction, spritsail rigged, Other owners include Ministry of Transport (1941), Vectis Shipping, Archie Sheaf of Newport I.O.W. and L. George. Motor barge conversion 1941. Last used as a workshop at Dolphin Yard Museum, still there 2010 almost derelict.
CELTIC's Website


CENTAUR - Thames Sailing Barge

CENTAUR of Harwich, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - Gold wheel on red & black ground)

Official No.99460. Tons: 61. Built of wood at Harwich in 1895 by Cann, 85.6 x 19.5 x 6.2. Owners, Charles Stone, c.1900 Dolly Rogers, 1911 Ted Hibbs, 1915 John Sawyer, then Francis & Gilders and L.R.T.C. In 1955 she was derigged by Brown & Co. for use as a timber lighter. Bought in 1966 by Richard Duke to rerig as a charterbarge she was sold in 1974 to the Thames Barge S.C. for members sailing. Rebuilt 1984-95, Owner now Thames Sailing Barge Trust. Based at Maldon.
CENTAUR's Website


CYGNET - Thames Sailing Barge

CYGNET of Harwich, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' - plain red)

Official No.84028. Tons: 16. Very small working barge built with a single hold at Frindsbury of wood in 1881 by Curel and owned by Walter Wrinch of Ewarton. Later owners Payne, and Mica Brown who refitted her as a private yacht . Reverted to tiller steering and had mizzen stepped on rudder post from 2005 under Mica Brown and Des Kaliszewski. Based at Snape Maltings.
CYGNET's Website


DAWN - Thames Sailing Barge

DAWN of Maldon, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob'- Plain dark blue)

Official No.105902. Tons: 54. Built of wood at Maldon by Cook. Owned DAWN Sailing Barge Trust.. Moved from Hoo to Maldon 1999. To Heybridge 2002 for restoration (aided by lottery grant). Hull re-launched 2007 - rerigging completed 2008. moved to Pin Mill 2009.
DAWN's Website


DECIMA - Thames Sailing Barge

DECIMA of London, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - 2 dark blue horizontal bands, with black 'G' in gold on central

Official No.110055. Tons: 67. Built by Fay of steel at Southampton in 1899, 85 x 18 for E.J. & W. Goldsmith Ltd. Owned by Rayfield then Greenhithe Lighterage Co. Ltd as a motorbarge. Rerigged as charterbarge by D.Wildish , sold1999 to Jeremy Taunton, sold 2003 to Tim Goldsack. Based Heybridge. ( White 'Tiptree' emblem in topsail)
DECIMA's Website


EDITH MAY - Thames Sailing Barge

EDITH MAY of Harwich, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - White ' 'wheatear'emblem in dark blue disc on light blue ground. )

Official No.116180. Tons: 64. Built of wood at Harwich in 1906 by Cann. Owned by G.F.Sully she traded until 1961 as motorbarge. Rerigged by Vernon Harvey she had many successful races. Moved to Liverpool Docks, she returned to the East Coast 1990 and is now based Halstow owned by Geoff Gransden. Undergoing restoration 2005. Active 2010.
EDITH MAY's Website


EDME - Thames Sailing Barge

EDME of Harwich, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' - White 'H' & 112 on red ground. )

Official No.105425. Tons: 50. Built of wood at Harwich in 1898 by Cann and owned by F.W.Horlock. Derigged for use as a lighter 1949 by Brown & Co. Lengthy restoration at Maldon before being bought by the Harman-Harrison Consortium, rerigged as bowsprit barge 1992. Owned by EDME Consortium. Still has no engine. Based at St.Osyth. (has white EDME in topsail)
EDME's Website


ENA - Thames Sailing Barge

ENA of Ipswich, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - White cross on red ground. White cross in topsail)

Official No.122974. Tons: 73. Built of wood at Harwich in 1906 by W.B.McLearon, 88.2 x 20.6 x 6.9, auxiliary Ruston 80 engine installed she was reregistered as a motorbarge in 1949. Rerigged by her only owners then R & W Paul Ltd in 1973 for their Social Club.; recognizable by her mulie rig and the white X in her topsail. Sold 2000 to Luke Deards of Hoo. Major refit 2001-
ENA's Website


ETHEL ADA - Thames Sailing Barge

ETHEL ADA of London, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - white lifebelt emblem on dark green ground.)

Official No.118352. Tons: 49. Built of wood at Paglesham in 1903 by Shuttlewood 82 x 19.1 x 5.4. Owned by G. & A. Underwood, Coal Merchants, Southend, Samuel West Ltd in ballast work and by the Successors to T.F.Wood - I.C.I. Ltd in the explosives trade. Sold 1958 to Duke & Allan; 1970 to Geoff Mellor. Refitted Pin Mill, 1999 for new owner Oliver Price. Based Community Moorings, Wapping. (Topsail has white disc emblem)
ETHEL ADA's Website


ETHEL MAUD - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.96483. Tons: 45. Built of wood at Maldon in 1889 by Howard. Owners, John Parker of Bradwell. Sold c.1910 to James Keeble; used as a motorbarge by Green Brothers '51 Lost topmast 1959 but carried fore and mains'l until 1963 when laid up. Rerigged as a residential yacht by B.Metherill at Hoo. latterly owned by David Maude, Michael McInnerley,moved to Dolphin Yard, 1997, 2001 sold for restoration to Garry Diddams, 2004 at Shoregate on the Medway. Continuing 2010.
ETHEL MAUD's Website


FELIX - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.97686. Tons: 68. Built of wood at Harwich in 1893 by Cann 82.3 x 19.8 x 6.8. Owned by Robert Smith, sold 1930 to Cranfield Bros. Became a motorbarge in 1954 in ownership of Lapthorn & Co. of Hoo. Sold out of trade in 1972 and rerigged by Patrick Law. Owned from1976 by Sarah Roberts, then Kevin Symonds at St.Katharines and sold 1998 to Robert Deards. At Hoo for refitting 2004. Moved to Hoo Saltings 2008.
FELIX's Website


FERTILE - Thames Sailing Barge

FERTILE of UNKNOWN, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' - brown eagle with yellow barge on dark blue ground.)

Official No.SSR No 65378. Tons: 65. Built 1936 as a steel swim headed lighter. Converted to a swim headed stumpy rigged spritsailed barge by owner Steve Brotherhood 1996. Based Colchester, Hythe.
FERTILE's Website


GEORGE SMEED - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.84430. Tons: 59. Built of wood at Murston in 1882 by Smeed Dean & Co.Ltd for their own use passing to A.P.C.M., Francis & Gilders and Browns for lighterage. Rebuilt 1922 at 64 ton, later housebarge at Heybridge. rebuilt Maldon and awaiting rerigging by owner Ken Greenhalgh. Continuing 2009.


GLADYS - Thames Sailing Barge

GLADYS of Harwich, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' -green,orange & gold triangular.)

Official No.109882. Tons: 68. Built at Harwich of wood in 1901 by Cann, 84 x 20.6. Owned until 1973 by Cranfield Brothers Ltd. Rerigged 1974 for use as a company yacht by Mardorf Peach Ltd. Owned by Allied Mills. new transom 2003. Based at St.Katharines /Heybridge Basin. ('Kingsmill' emblem in topsail)
GLADYS's Website
Glays Holding Up A President


GLENWAY - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.127260. Tons: 82. Built of wood at Rochester in 1913 by Little. Owned by John Wilks of Deal, later Samuel West,. Crossley engine installed in 1975. Houseboat at Otterham, rerigged at Ipswich by Steve Barry but abandoned at Maldon, Recovered by G.Reeve and sold to Hugh Poore 1988 who undertook her rebuilding at Dolphin Yard, Sittingbourne. Sold to Topsail Charters of Maldon 2002 . Barge hull sold 2007 to David Fennell for complete rebuild. Continuing 2010 at Maylandsea.
GLENWAY's Website


GRETA - Thames Sailing Barge

GRETA of Colchester, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' -red 'N' on black & gold ground.)

Official No.98324. Tons: 46. Built of wood at Brightlingsea in 1892 by Stone 80 x 18.7 x 5.6. and owned by the L.R.B.C. Converted to motor barge in C'51. Rerigged Allington by Tony Ryan. owner Steve Norris Chartering, Whitstable. Based Faversham. (Topsail has white 'shepherds crook' and mains'l has white 'SHEPHERD NEAME, BREWER, FAVERSHAM.)
GRETA's Website


HENRY - Thames Sailing Barge

HENRY of London, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - Swallowtail with white central horizontal band on on dark blue ground. Green transom.)

Official No.118381. Tons: 44. Built of wood at Goldsmiths yard Grays in 1904 by A.White. 76.3 x 18.1 x 5.1, and owned by Cole and Lecquire Ltd. Rebuilt by Wills & Packham 1944 and Bought out of trade in 1948 by Arthur Bennett. Derigged as housebarge at Twinney, later refitted at Sittiingbourne by Steve Downer and sold 1998 to Justin Ford . Major refit 2003. Based Faversham .
HENRY's Website


HYDROGEN - Thames Sailing Barge

HYDROGEN of London, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' -green, red & white)

Official No.123640. Tons: 98. Built of wood at Rochester in 1906 by Gill. Owners Burt, Boulton & Heywood George Andrews of Sittingbourne and later G.F.Sully. She circumnavigated Great Britain for Bells Whisky and became charterbarge owned by Blackwater Barge Co. Charter barge through Topsail Charters. Based Maldon
HYDROGEN's Website


IRONSIDES - Thames Sailing Barge

IRONSIDES of London, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - Swallowtail with 'tower' emblem on blue ground)

Official No.112710. Tons: 78. Built of dutch iron at West Thurrock in 1900 by Clarke & Stanfield 85 x 20.3 x 6.4. Owned by A.P.C.M. and sold to L.R.T.C. in 1928 she was converted as motorbarge in 1938 and traded to northern France. Sold to Alan Reekie 1968 to rerig at Brentford she became a successful racing and charterbarge. Now owned by Mark Tower, based at Maldon / St Katherines. undergoing refit at Standard Quay Faversham from 2003.


KITTY - Thames Sailing Barge

KITTY of Harwich, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' -white star on red ground. White star in topsail. Green hull.)

Official No.105418. Tons: 65. Built of wood at Harwich in 1895 by Cann. Owned by Horatio F.Horlock, sold in 1933 to Francis & Gilders and passed to L.R.T.C. then used as timber lighter by Brown & Co before being sold to Maldon Yacht & Barge Charter Co. Ltd to be rerigged in 1964. With a six pointed white star in her topsail under John Fairbrother became notable racer. Owned by Roger Marriott . Based Maldon.
KITTY's Website


LADY DAPHNE - Thames Sailing Barge

LADY DAPHNE of Rochester, COASTING Class ('Bob' - blue & red. )

Official No.127276. Tons: 85. Built of wood at Rochester in 1923 by Short Bros. 90.3x21.4x7.3, Auxilliary Ruston 100 engine installed in 1948, gear removed 1958 and used as a motor barge by her owners R & W Paul Ltd. Sold in 1973 to Taylor Woodrow Ltd and rerigged C'74 at Maldon. Sold to Michael and Elisabeth Mainelli 1996. Charter Barge though Nymph Ltd. London. Based at St.Katharine Docks. (White 'Z' in topsail.)


LADY JEAN - Thames Sailing Barge

LADY JEAN of Rochester, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - white 'W' on red ground.)

Official No.148366. Tons: 86. Built of wood at Rochester in 1923 by Short Bros.91.2 x 21.6 x 7.5. Aux. Ruston 100 installed 1948 but removed 1958 by R. & W.Paul Ltd. Renamed Sir Alan Herbert by East Coast Sail Trust for youth sail training. Bought by Iden & Sheena Wickings for a barge yacht and reverted to her original name. Owned Steve Morrison from 2008. Staysail Mulie with half wheelhouse. Based at Maldon .
LADY JEAN's Website


LADY OF THE LEA - Thames Sailing Barge

LADY OF THE LEA of Dover, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - plain red. Has white emblem, barge inside castle emblem, all inside double circle in topsail )

Official No.722956. Tons: ?. Built of wood at Rotherhithe in 1931 by Hyam & Oliver for the War Department for carriage of explosives from Waltham Abbey, 23 ton. 72' by 13' and was originally tiller steered and stumpy rigged. Sold to W.Aslett 1946, Owned by Brian Pain as private yacht barge, registered at Dover, Based Standard Quay, Faversham,


MARJORIE - Thames Sailing Barge

MARJORIE of Ipswich, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' - lemon & black quarters with lemon 'D' & '108' on black quarters (age in 2010)

Official No.113753. Tons: 56. Built of wood at Ipswich in 1902 by Orvis, 84 x 19.3 x 6.2 for R. & W. Paul Ltd. Owned 1961 by A.J.O'Shea as charterbarge later by Albert Groom. Dark grey hull with varnished transom and owned by Simon Devonshire. Changed to Staysail 2010. Changed to Bowsprit class 2011. Based at Hoo overwinters at St Katherines.
MARJORIE's Website


MAY - Thames Sailing Barge

MAY of Ipswich, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' - blue & white horizontal stripes. )

Official No.97680. Tons: 57. Built of wood at Harwich in 1891 by Cann for Cranfield Bros Ltd of Ipswich. Sold in 1964 to Silvertown Services Ltd (Tate & Lyle) for occasional trade under sail and company charter barge. Light blue transom. Based at Pin Mill. (White 'TATE & LYLE' in topsail. )
MAY's Website


MELISSA - Thames Sailing Barge

MELISSA of London, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' -cream/red/cream horizontal stripes.)

Official No.110078. Tons: 67. Built of steel by J.G. Fay at Southampton 1899 for E.J. & W.Goldsmith of Grays. Acquired by L.R.T.C. converted to motor barge 1944. House Barge 1975. Owned by Jonathan & Richard Webb. Under restoration 2000 -2008. Sailing again 13th July 2009 and competed in, and won, this years Pin Mill Sailing Clubs 48th Annual Barge Match in July and gained a creditable 2nd behind Edme in this years Colne Match. Based Pin Mill (Faint "Sunblest " emblem [Ex Gladys] in topsail)
MELISSA's Website


MIROSA - Thames Sailing Barge

MIROSA of Maldon, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' - lemon Tudor rose on blue ground.)

Official No.96488. Tons: 49. Built as the Ready at Maldon in 1892 by John Howard. owned by Charles Gutteridge of Vauxhall later W.W.Keeble. Name changed in 1947. Owned by Francis & Gilders, used as timber lighter at Heybridge, sold to Claude Deval who organised her rerigging in 1965, Owned by Peter Dodds. She was sponsored by Blue Circle becoming one of the most successful racing barges of recent years. Still has no motor. Based at the Iron Wharf, Faversham.
MIROSA's Website


NELLIE - Thames Sailing Barge

NELLIE of Faversham, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' -plain emerald green )

Official No.114452. Tons: 43. Built of wood at Faversham by Cremer in 1901. Owned by Daniels 1950, later by Lapthorn, Motorbarge from 1952. Rebuilt Twickenham 1985 and completed Cooks, Maldon 1994, stumpy rigged, 1996. Owner Prof. Diane Montgomery. Stumpy rigged. Based Maldon.
NELLIE's Website


NIAGARA - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.108373. Tons: 79. Built by Forrestt at Wivenhoe in 1898. 86.7 X 20.6 X 6.7. MB 1924 LRTC. Restoration project at Battersea 1970. Sold to Deptford Community Centre and 2001 to Peter Sands, moved to Hoo for restoration. Continuing 2010.
NIAGARA's Website


ORINOCO - Thames Sailing Barge

ORINOCO of London, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - plain dark green)

Official No.104862. Tons: 70. Built of wood at East Greenwich in 1895 by Hughes and owned by Mason, later Cranfield Bros. Aux Ruston 80 fitted. Sold to L.Tester and rerigged at Hollowshore '70's. Stranded ashore she was refitted 1990 as a private yacht. Owner Geoffrey Ingle. Restored 2004. Based at Faversham.
ORINOCO's Website


PHOENICIAN - Thames Sailing Barge

PHOENICIAN of London, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - blue, gold, red & white.)

Official No.146700. Tons: 81. Built of wood at Sittingbourne 1922 by Wills & Packham. Owners include E.A.Horlock, and R.Sully converted to a motor barge in 1949 she traded until 1973 when she was sold out of trade to Albert Groom for chartering & community purposes based at Ipswich. Moved to West India Docks then to Pin Mill and Maldon for restoration under sail 1998, owner Grant Littler. Based St. Katharines.


PORTLIGHT - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.145405. Tons: 68. Built of steel at Mistley in 1925 by Horlock. Converted to motorbarge by Greenhithe Lighterage but rerigged by Lawrie Tester as bowsprit barge based at Hollowshore near Faversham, sold end 2001 to Landbreach Ltd of Maldon for major refit. Continuing 2009.


PUDGE - Thames Sailing Barge

PUDGE of Rochester, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - has gold 'wheel' emblem on red & black ground.)

Official No.127274. Tons: 67. Built of wood at Frindsbury 1922 by London & Rochester 82.4 x 21 x 6.8 (overall 84 x 24) as a bowsprit barge. Auxilliary 2 cylinder Kelvin petrol parafin engine installed 1931 replaced by 3 cylinder Bargus Co. (Kelvin) engine 1935. Bought out of trade as a twin hatched motor barge by Thames Barge Sailing Club and rerigged 1968 for members sailing. Engine replaced by Bedford 8.2 litre diesel 1991. Major refit 2004/7. Owner now Thames Sailing Barge Trust. Based Maldon.
PUDGE's Website


RAYBEL - Thames Sailing Barge

RAYBEL of London, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' in 2004 - white 'H' on dark blue ground.)

Official No.145058. Tons: 80. Built of wood at Sittingbourne 1920 by Wills & Packham for G.F.Sully. Aux Kelvin 88 engine installed 1939. Sold out of trade, rerigged at Pin Mill. Owned Ian Houston. Charter barge with Topsail Events & Charters 2008. Laying at Heybridge Basin Winter 2012-13.
RAYBEL's Website


REMINDER - Thames Sailing Barge

REMINDER of Harwich , STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - green, red & white.)

Official No.161033. Tons: 79. Built of steel at Mistley in 1929 by Horlock and owned by Fred Horlock. Rerigged as charter barge by Roger Beckett of Anglian Yacht Services for chartering out of Maldon Owned by Reminder (1929) Ltd Managed by Topsail Charters. Off white hull, Based Maldon.
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REPERTOR - Thames Sailing Barge

REPERTOR of Harwich, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - white fish (Pollock) emblem with black 'P' on red ground.)

Official No.145404. Tons: 69. Built of steel at Mistley in 1924 by Horlock owned by M.R.Horlock. Converted to motor tanker barge she was sold out of trade to G.Reeve. Houseboat Battersea, rerigged by C.McLaren in 1987. Owned by David Pollack chartered through Topsail Charters of Maldon. Now based at Standard Quay, Faversham.
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SCONE - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.127269. Tons: ?. Built of wood, at Rochester in 1919 by Gill for L.R.T.Co. Unrigged 09/1957. 1977 bought by Steve Mallet and re rigged. 1990's Converted to a restaurant in West India Dock for David Ireland. Sunk in 2000, raised and moved to Barking Creek. 2004 owned by J.C. Royer. Sold 07/2004 & Laid up Benfleet Creek.
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SCOTSMAN - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.110106. Tons: ?. Built of wood at Sittingbourne by Wills & Packham in 1899. Owned by Rita Bowran as a houseboat at Stargate Marina, Hoo. 2007 hulked Hoo Saltings.
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SEAGULL II - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.161348. Tons: ?. Built of wood, 43.2 x 13.1 x 4.8., at Rochester in 1901 by Gill for the War Department Owned by G. Winfield as a yacht before becoming an architectural feature on Free Trade Wharf Wapping 1988. Sold 1999 for restoration at Gillingham by Neil Pemble. Continuing 2010.
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THALATTA - Thames Sailing Barge

THALATTA of Harwich, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' in 2004 - white 'ECST' on red ground)

Official No.116179. Tons: 67. Built of wood at Harwich in 1906 by W.B.McLearon 88.9x20.6x 7.1., bought by F.W.Horlock and rigged as boomie. Sold 1917 to Wynfield Shipping Co. of Grimsby who fitted an engine which was removed on sale to Capt.Body in 1923. Later owned by R & W Paul Ltd. aux. Ruston 80 installed 1948. Owners East Coast Sail Trust for youth sail training out of Maldon. Major rebuild /refit at St Osyth 2005. Rerigged and sailing again from March 2012. Based Maldon.
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THISTLE - Thames Sailing Barge

THISTLE of London, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' in 2004 - green, red & white.)

Official No.105727. Tons: 82. Built of steel at Port Glasgow in 1895 by Hamilton. and traded with H.Covington & L.R.T.C.with Kelvin auxilliary installed 1948. Housebarge at Battersea, rerigged Greenwich 1988 by C.Maclaren 2001 Owned Thistle (1895) Ltd. Charter barge with Topsail Charters Ltd. Maldon. Half wheelhouse. Based Ipswich. Overwinters at Maldon.
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TOLLESBURY - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.110315. Tons: 70. Built of wood at Sandwich in 1901 by H.Felton, 84.2 x 20.4 x 6.6. Owners, Fisher, bought by R & W Paul Ltd 1912. Motorbarge '50. sold as a yacht by '65 and housebarge at Pin Mill '78. Rebuilt Ipswich Dockend 1992 , moved to London, Owned by David Paling as a Bar Millwall Dock. For sale 2004. Sunk at her berth Sept 2005, raised laid up Fresh Wharf Estate, Barking Creek 2010.


VICTOR - Thames Sailing Barge

VICTOR of London, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' - green & white horizontal bands)

Official No.105762. Tons: 56. Built of wood at Ipswich in 1895 by Shrubsall 82.2 x 20.3 x 6. Owned by Owen Parry for cotton seed from London to Colchester returning with oil in barrels for paint. War service as an ammunition store,became a motorbarge in 1947 for L.R.T.C. until 1964. Rerigged 1974 by Owen Emerson, Sold to Nick Briggs for charters in Solent 1995. Sold 2006 to Steve Goodwin & Tony Chancellor , charter barge through Classic Yacht Charters Ltd., Norwich. Based Mistley (white SB VICTOR in mainsail)
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VIGILANT - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.116176. Tons: 73. Built of wood at Ipswich in 1904 by Orvis & Fuller. Owned by Alfred Horlock and converted to a yacht in 1932. Sold back into trade and converted to motor barge by Whiting Bros. Passed to L.R.T.C. Owned by Dawes, Thomas and Martin. as private barge yacht until sold to Ms. Lynn Johnson & Graham Head late 1997 and now based at Woodbridge, Suffolk. moved to St Osyth 2004. Sold and moved to Topsham Devon 2012.
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VIOLET - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.96482. Tons: 45. Built of wood at Maldon by Howard in 1899. Owned by Robert Boakes based at Brambletree Wharf, by the New Medway Bridge. (Located in a steel lighter 2010).
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WESTMORELAND - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.112733. Tons: 43. Built Conyer 1900 by White, 79 x 17.1 x 5. for Eastwood Ltd, the brickmakers who donated her to the Thames Barge Sailing Club in 1963. Wrecked at Hoo 1973 she was acquired by Colin Frake. Rebuilding at Faversham. Continuing 2010.


WHIPPET - Thames Sailing Barge

WHIPPET of London, UNSTATED ('Bob' -white OE on blue ground - green transom)

Official No.SR No; 10246. Tons: 29.5. Built London 1905 by Humphrey & Grey as a steel bonded spirit barge (unrigged) Converted to swim headed, tiller steered, gaff rigged sailing barge by Reg Coombes.mid 70's.Sold to Owen Emerson 2002 for conversion to spritsal barge with wheel steering, straight stern and aux. engine. Based Lower Upnor.
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WILFRED - Thames Sailing Barge


Official No.149696. Tons: 98. Built of steel at East Greenwich by Piper in 1926. Converted to a wine bar 1984. Sailing gear removed 1993. Now a static night club at Victoria Embankment, near Waterloo Bridge.
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WILL - Thames Sailing Barge

WILL of Maldon, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - white tower emblem on dark blue ground.)

Official No.148677. Tons: 150. Built of steel at Yarmouth in 1925 by Fellows as the Will Everard for F.T.Everard & Co. Ltd. Sold as motorbarge out of trade and rerigged. Owners, V.S.Harvey, 1966; J.R.Hobbins, 1971; Overseas Containers Ltd (P & O) 1977 and sold 1998 to skipper Sue Harrison. Sold to Mark Towers 2004 Mule rigged yacht barge, blue hull. Based St Katherines.
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WYVENHOE - Thames Sailing Barge

WYVENHOE of London, STAYSAIL Class ('Bob' - red & white horizontal bands)

Official No.110012. Tons: 83. Built of steel at Wivenhoe by Forrestt & in 1898. Owned in trade by L.R.T.C. Rerigged as company yacht barge by R.Walsh, Wyvenhoe (London) Ltd. Now operated as a charter barge by Tradsail Charters Ltd. (A subsidiary of The Lawrite Group) from any London base required.
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XYLONITE - Thames Sailing Barge

XYLONITE of Harwich, BOWSPRIT Class ('Bob' - White stars & tree emblem on dark blue ground.)

Official No.145408. Tons: 68. Built of steel at Mistley 1926 by F.W.Horlock to be named BX. Latterly owned by Greenhithe Lighterage she was rerigged by Tim Eliff as a charter barge and based at The Prospect of Whitby, P.H., Wapping. Sold to Cirdan Trust 1985 for sail training out of Maldon. Sold Rebecca Polden & Alan Wilkes. Based Maylandsea. ('Avocet' emblem & Suffolk Life in topsail )
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Donations Are Welcome

Thames Sailing Barges and its community have a heritage that dates back through to the Industrial Revolution, when the barges helped to build Victorian London. Though known as the juggernauts of the river at that time and instrumental in Britain's economical raise, today they do not hold an official heritage stamp recognised by the British establishment.

TSBF — Thames Sailing Barge Foundation is seeking to get the barges officially recognised as part of British Heritage for the enormous input and sacrifice they have given to Britain since the Industrial Revolution and World Wars.

TSBF, a non-profit organisation established to achieve this and more, is working hard with other Charitable Organisation to make it happen officially. It is hoped, then, that TSBF will be able to get full status as a registered charity.

TSBF, a non-profit organisation established to achieve this and more, is working hard with other Charitable Organisation to gain that official stamp.
It is hoped then that TSBF will be able to get full status as a registered charity.

Profile of the barges was waning because of lack of publicity, but we are, and want to keep on, fixing this through the marketing ability of the parade event, however, this fundraiser does itself cost, so the more we can get in the public-eye, the better it will be in the long term for the barges. It will help the barges, the community and the foundation to better secure future funding for repairs, maintenance and restoration work amongst other things, such as funding the community itself.

By being in the public eye, through putting on a spectacular show for the visiting crowds, this will go a long way to keeping the barges and its community alive. The 2017 event is expected for September 16th & 17th, subject to funding. Confirmation of full funding will be announced at a later date.

Please donate. Thank you.

Thank you, very, very much.

Thames Sailing Barge Parade is an event established for Thames Sailing Barge Foundation which is a Non-Profit Organisation.
Found out more about the barges in these two video:
Thames Sailing Barge Parade & Popup Museum 2016
Barging Down The River - Part 1
Barging Down The River - Part 2
The Salvage Squad Thames Sailing Barge - Part 1
The Salvage Squad Thames Sailing Barge - Part 2
The Salvage Squad Thames Sailing Barge - Part 3
The Salvage Squad Thames Sailing Barge - Part 4
Bob Roberts and the SB Cambria

Donate: Safely and Securely Through Pay Pal

Paying through our Pay Pal account is quick, easy and secure.

Just press the 'Donate' button whenever you are ready.

Donate: Through Applied Time

We value all monetary donations, but there are those who prefer to donate by volunteering time.

If you are one of those who like to be hands on and see your contributory efforts transform in front of your eyes, then this is the type of donation for you and we welcome it with joy.

We can't get enough hands on contributors to help with loads of menial tasks that have to be carried on in the pursuit of maintenance.

Those mind numbing jobs and even the skilled one do not go unnoticed and we reward those who put in such painful efforts with the biggest treat of all...

You get to come out sailing with us. You'll spend time socialising around the dinner table below deck and the skipper may even supervise you at the helm, how cool is that.

So, what are you waiting for... we're now waiting for you.

Just fill in the form and give us any extra details, if you need to.

Model - Thames Sailing Barges

When the barges are back from the parade and moored at West India Docks, the public will be treated to more shoreside entertainment at our hospitality area there, with to-scale 'Model - Thames Sailing Barges', in a model barge match.
We're sure it's going to be thrilling, but we know, you are going to be facinated.
See you there 17th September 2016.
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Totally Thames Presented By Thames Festival Trust

You may ask, “Why are Totally Thames here and who are they”?
We should reply, "watch it, they're great friends of ours".
You'll question, "why"
And we'll say, "We wouldn’t be here without them. Period."

If you know anything about Her Majesty The Queen and you saw her extraordinary Jubilee Pageant in 2012, then you are closer to knowing Totally Thames than you think.

Totally Thames is run by Thames Festival Trust and the director of that trust is, none other than, the pageant master to The Queen's Jubilee Pageant 2012, Adrian Evans.

In the month of September, Totally Thames celebrates London’s river from the 1st-30th with events galore. Adrian Evans wants to revitalise people’s passion for the river and make it a theatre again, as it once was, which is why we are going to help him do that with the Thames Sailing Barge Parade.
Totally Thames are helping to give us the public profile we seek for our maintenance and restoration program and Totally Thames get another great event to fill their agenda.
It’s a win, win situation.

It is through Adrian Evans himself, that we have be give the platform we have, to perform our spectacular parade on 17th September 2016, so we thank him and the trust, very much. Thank you.

This is why Totally Thames are here.

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The festival runs from:
1st September 2016
30th September 2016

The Thames Sailing Barge Parade is on 17th September 2016

TSBP - Sponsor Lead Form

Please fill in as much detail as you can, it will improve our chances of getting a communication going with the lead.
Your support in this small way will be a huge help to us and it will be greatly appreciated as we really do need all the help we can get.