Submitted on Tuesday, 30 June 2015 - 5:31pm

Full Name: Jonathan Fleming

EMail: me@my-email-address

Subject: Thames Barge Boat Parade


Dear Mayor,

Can I please have permission to organise a historic Thames Barge Boat Parade

on the river Thames.

Thames barge boats have a deep historical value to London with over 2000 of

these vessels on the registry in their heyday at the turn of the 20th century, but that century saw a steady decline in their numbers following

the Second World War, the coastal barge trade diminished as the nation became

more mechanised and cargoes went by road instead of by sea,

To get theses boats a good bit of promotion to keep alive what is becoming a

dying historic commodity that should really be valued by London and all those

who visit London, we need a designated place to moor (preferably where we can

get good public access so that the public can come aboard and view the

vessels), and of course dates that can be give to us for the event

(preferably a summer time / summer holidays date),

I would like to have a permit to sail as many as 30 sailing barges right up

the Thames coming in from the estuary and back out again after mooring for a

day at a designated mooring that could be given to the boats.

I can give you a lot more details once we can get into discussions on

planning the event, but in principle if you can tell us if this would be

feasible, it would help us with being able to get sponsorships and

advertising for the vessels.

Kind regards

Jonathan Fleming

(Crew Member of Edme Barge -