Thames Sailing Barge Parade, 16th-17th September 2017


We can offer a sponsor logos or bands to be flown on one, many or all of the barges using pennants or flags depending on the sponsorship,
There can be one pennant and one flag on each barge and locationing of these items on the barges can be negotiated with safety borne in mind that the PLA may enforce.  

Your brand will be seen by thousands on the bank-sides and millions through visual media such as television, print such as newspapers and magazines and digital media online. We can also mention our sponsor through audio media such as radio where agreed with the station.

With television we will not have control of how much your logo is seen, but it is safe to say that if your sponsorship attains a place on all the barges, it will be seen on television.

With print media we will be able to follow any article with our sponsor’s logo and in special circumstances, we may be able to incorporate our sponsor into the article itself with a few lines.
Not in all cases will we be able to do this and will let you know if we can before your decision to sponsor us.

Our sponsor’s pennant or flag will stand out slightly from the other pennants and flags which will be those awarded to the barges for their wins and achievements at barge matches or for  other special occasions and such like.

Advertising opportunities for a sponsor through media comes with every article and editorial that we get published before and after the event. There will be pre-buildup of editorials sent to a list of newspapers and magazines so that they all know of the impending event.

Some will take the editorial as is and run with it, other will want to form their own write ups.
We will push further editorials onto the media to generate articles that speak of the event’s success after the parade has finished.
Either way, we will be generating public awareness, directing them to our website  and presenting footage of the event for years ahead.

Advertising opportunities for a sponsor through our shoreside event comes in a variety of offerings at West India Dock:

Any sponsorship pennants, flags, logos etc can be displayed within the marquee and surrounding areas as well as on the barges. It is up to the sponsor to supply their flags and/or pennants or arrange with TSBP organisers to get them made in time. Two weeks before the event is tightest deadline we can allow..

Sunday 17th September 2017:
Sponsors can have their branding seen on small sandwich boards or sponsored info boards about the barges attached to railings alongside barges. The cost of doing so has to be borne by the sponsor outside of the agreed sponsor funding for the parade.

Sponsors will be allowed to setup as stall holders too after a discussion of pitch and placement.

We can approach a particular barge owner if a sponsor would like to hold a static or corporate event on a barge, but this too will be a separate costing negotiated directly with the barge owner.

These are all separate opportunities where sponsors can get involved, but again, they carry extra costs.

Model Barges sailing about the dock with local Sea cadets available to rescue.
We are still awaiting confirmation from the model barge community if a sponsor can have a barge built for them or if a sponsor can have a pennant (model size of course) flying in the dockside demonstrations.
You can see a the model barges in action through the following video link. This was just a relaxing day out for the model makers, but on the day, it will be just as competitive as the barge matches the real barges see all season.
Here’s a preview of the models in action.

Fun opportunities to be confirmed is our ability to collect donations from the banks during the parade and we are hoping to offer T-Shirts for sale during this time as an inaugural memento of the parade. Sponsors can support this with the pledge of a small number of T-Shirts that can carry their logos along with an illustration of a parade of barges.

Photo opportunities of the event will be taken all along the river of every barge. These will be made freely available on our website for media to use at anytime for articles they wish to write about the event or a particular barge at the event.
As a sponsor, your visibility will be seen many years down the line and be a part of history.

We encourage a sponsor to tell their own audiences about the event and ask them to come and enjoy a family day out.

In advertising terms, the publicity would run into hundreds of thousands of column space pounds for a fraction of what you will invest in funding our event.

We implore you to get in involved, this is an event we don't want you to miss.

Kind Regards


Please contact Jane Harman for details. Email: jane[_at_]thamessailingbargeparade.com (replace [_at_] with @)
07803 230 258